Summer Landscaping Tips

In the last few years, the summer heat has hit us out of nowhere. Especially here in New Jersey, we’ve typically had a longer spring with a few short, hot bursts in the summer. So how does our landscaping react to this hotter, sunnier weather? Well, in short, your lawn and garden could be in trouble without the proper care. Let’s look at a few summer landscaping tips that will help your lawn look great all season long.

Beat the Heat

This advice may be the most important of our summer landscaping tips, so make sure to remember this one! Obviously, the most important thing you can do for your lawn and garden is making sure they get enough water. The trick here is watering at the proper time. Make sure to water early in the morning for maximum effectiveness. Because of the extremely high summer temperatures, water can evaporate very quickly. Watering early in the morning allows for enough time for the soil to absorb the water. Some people like to wait until night to water their landscaping. The problem with this is that it actually gets too cool during the night, causing the water to puddle and drown the plants. Watering early in the day allows for the optimal level of water to be absorbed.

Plant Accordingly

If you are planning on any new additions to your garden, make sure to select plants that do well in direct sun. Otherwise, a little creativity can allow you to achieve the look you are going for. You could plant certain plants in pots or small planters so you can move them into the shade when needed. Another option is to plant them under the cover of either a larger plant or some type of artificial cover such as an awning.

Let Your Lawn Grow

This is one summer landscaping tip that many people aren’t aware of. During the hottest and brightest stretches of summer, you should set your mower to leave your grass a little bit longer than normal. With the grass being a little bit longer, it can actually provide some shade for itself and for the roots as well. In addition, the shade prevents water from evaporating too quickly.

Mulch It Up

Going on the same principle as the previous tip, keeping water in the ground is a top priority during the hot summer. In flower beds, using mulch will help keep the ground cool and keep the roots of the plants hydrated. Mulch can also be used around the base of trees. In addition to providing actual benefits, mulch helps create a finished look for your landscaping!

Lay Off the Fertilizer

Even though it may be tempting, using fertilizer should be avoided in the hot months. Plants are already trying to get as much water as possible, so by adding extra growth to your plants, they can really struggle.

Sharpen Those Blades

Keeping your mower blades sharp, especially in the summer, is extremely important. A dull mower blade will damage the grass instead of cutting it cleanly. This results in brown grass instead of a nice green color. Additionally, make sure to mow often enough (with the raised cutting height we mentioned earlier) that you are never cutting more than 1/3 off the length of the grass. Of course, the Husqvarna Automower can do all of this automatically and keep you inside instead of sweating outside.

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