Mid-Season Lawnmower Maintenance

With the amount of rain we’ve had lately, there is a good chance that your lawn equipment has been putting in overtime. If you haven’t had a maintenance performed yet on your equipment this season, then now is the time. Lawnmower maintenance has many benefits, namely extending the life of your equipment and maximizing performance. Let’s go a little more in-depth to learn more about mid-season lawnmower maintenance.

When Does Mid-Season Lawnmower Maintenance Make Sense?

The short answer is “almost always.” If you already had a pre-season maintenance, you should be alright. Of course, the age of your equipment and how much you have been using it is also a factor. So far this summer, New Jersey has had anywhere from 10% – 50% more rain than average. The increased rain has caused grass, shrubbery and weeds alike to grow at a much quicker rate than we are used to. This leads to increased wear and tear on all of your power equipment.

With the increased demand on your power equipment, now is a great time for a mid-season “checkup.” This will allow us to correct any issues caused by the demand so far this season. Additionally, you can be sure that your equipment will power through the rest of the season with ease. Mid-season maintenance is ideal for when your equipment gets significantly more use than normal, especially if pre-season maintenance wasn’t performed.

Power equipment, from lawn mowers, to weed trimmers, are all designed with an expected life span based on actual time being used. Therefore, the more that you use your power equipment, the sooner it will need to be replaced. All of this makes sense when laid out like this, but shows why it is better to think of equipment lifespan in terms of hours used rather than years of ownership. After 5 years, your mower may have 50 hours of use on it while your neighbor’s may have 100 hours.

Get More From Your Mower

So, this leads to the big question. How do you maximize the number of hours you get out of your power equipment? The first thing you can do is to be careful with your equipment. For example, do a quick walk through of your lawn and remove and large branches, rocks, or other debris. This will prevent unnecessary wear on your lawnmower blade. Make a note of any exposed tree roots or uneven spots that could cause your mower to bottom out. Don’t use your mower in thick, wet grass or areas that will bog down the mower. Secondly, always use the right equipment for the job.

Another fool-proof way to extend the life of your power equipment is through routine maintenance. Surprisingly, it seems that many people did not catch on to the benefits of lawnmower maintenance until recently. There could be numerous different explanations for this, but regardless, routine maintenance is finally becoming more routine!

Benefits of Equipment Maintenance

Some homeowners are more mechanically inclined and feel comfortable maintaining their equipment. However, at Advanced Power Equipment, we offer a full range of maintenance services. Whether you need an oil change or a complete maintenance package, we offer affordable solutions. We also maintain all types of equipment from push mowers to commercial equipment. Finally, we offer the convenience of equipment pick-up and delivery, so you don’t even have to worry about getting your machine to us.

Read our previous article on the benefits of lawnmower maintenance for a little more in-depth explanation. In general though, maintenance provides benefits that both saves you money and time, as well as make your life easier. Regular maintenance allows you to get the absolute most out of your equipment before replacing it. Studies have shown that routine maintenance can double the lifespan of power equipment! Furthermore, your equipment will perform more efficiently, so you can do more in less time without breaking your back. Just picture how much easier it is to mow through thick grass with a freshly sharpened blade as opposed to a dull one! Finally, maintenance allows you to catch smaller problems before they become more serious.

Summer Maintenance Savings

If you haven’t had any maintenance performed this season (and especially for those of you who have NEVER brought in your equipment for maintenance), now is the perfect time. For your convenience, we offer equipment pick up and drop off. From now until August 12th, any maintenance performed will receive $25 off! Simply mention this promo to receive the discount.

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