Husqvarna Z560X Review

When looking at commercial mowers, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options available. To complicate things even more, there seems to be an endless list of features available. Nobody wants to buy a mower only to feel like they didn’t make the best choice possible. After all, a commercial zero-turn mower is a big investment. So, you may be wondering, “What is the best commercial zero-turn mower?” Well, at Advanced Power Equipment, we always recommend the Husqvarna Z560X as the best all-around commercial zero-turn mower. For anyone in the loop, the Z560X is an updated version of the Husqvarna PZ60. In our Husqvarna Z560X review, we will touch on some of the reasons that make this such a great mower across the board.

Cutting Quality and Deck

So, what makes the Z560X such a great choice? Well, to start, this mower was designed with the end user in mind without neglecting cutting quality. The cutting deck has a 6″ deck height and utilizes high-performance blades for unequaled cutting quality. The 60″ deck allows for adjustable cutting height between 1″ to 5″.  The deck is also designed to enhance clipping dispersion. This allows you to cut in the most efficient way possible while maintaining the highest quality cut. There’s no need to worry about clippings clumping together or missed patches. Husqvarna has rated the capacity of this mower at 5.8 acres/hr.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a commercial mower is the engine. You want a reliable, well built engine with enough power to climb hills without a problem. The Husqvarna Z560X features a 25.5 HP Kawasaki FX 2 cylinder engine. With max speeds of 12 MPH forwards and 6 MPH in reverse, you can be sure that you’ll be getting your cutting done in record time without sacrificing quality. This engine uses the latest technology to ensure fuel efficiency and reduced emissions while still providing exceptional power.

Build Quality and Components

Quality and durability are staples of Husqvarna’s commercial line. The Z560X is no exception to this. Husqvarna also designed the zero-turn Z560X to make sure it is easy to service and maintain. This ensures that this machine will outlast similar models from the competition. For your comfort, the Husqvarna Z560X features an ergonomic suspension seat with a vibration-isolation platform. These features, along with adjustable controls and an 11 gallon fuel capacity, ensure that you can cut for a longer period of time without fatigue. After all, commercial cutting is all about efficiency! As far as tires, 24 x 12-12″ tires in the back allow you to effortlessly mow up hills. Finally, new on the Z560X is an automatic parking brake that activates when you move the steering levers outward.


Hopefully we covered all the important information you would need in our Husqvarna Z560X review. This is really a great commercial mower whether you are just starting out with commercial landscaping or looking to add a solid zero-turn mower to your arsenal. With Husqvarna’s quality and warranty behind this mower, you can be sure it will hold up for the long haul. As far as value, the Z560X provides a better bang for your buck than the competition. More features, a more reliable package, and the Husqvarna brand make this a great purchase all around. If you are looking for more information that isn’t included in our Husqvarna Z560X review, check here for more info.

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