If you’re in the landscaping business, you know the name Walker Mowers. You have also probably heard opinions on both sides of the argument either for or against using Walker mowers. However, you may not be aware of what exactly the advantages of a Walker mower are.

The Advantages of a Walker Mower

Walker manufactures out-front or front-mount mowers. Compared to a mid-mount mower, there are some inherent differences. In the end, the type of mower that will be best for you will really depend on the type of properties you mow most often. If you mow very varied landscapes with many bumps, obstacles, or divots, you may want to stick with a mid-mount mower. Larger, flatter properties are ideal for out-front mowers. Of course, that certainly doesn’t mean that you are limited to those types of lawns.

Superior Cut

The difference is noticeable looking at a lawn cut with a Walker mower. There are a few reasons for this. First, Walker has specifically dedicated a lot of time, energy, and resources into perfecting the design of their cutting deck. The next big difference is due to the out-front configuration. The blades are able to deliver a superior cut since the deck is passing over the grass before the mower. The grass remains upright before being cut due to the minimal weight on the front wheels. A better looking lawn is the result.

Improved ProductivityWalker mower reach

No single mower will ever prove to be the most productive across a wide range of lawns. However, Walker advertises increased productivity as one of their major advantages. The productivity advantages of a Walker mower are most prevalent when you need to mow under obstacles such as low branches or fences. Because of the compact size of a Walker, they also allow you to get into tighter spaces. The out-front deck can reach further because of its position. Walker has some property studies with various types of lawns so you can see how their mowers stack up.

Increased Visibility

It is much easier to see exactly what you are cutting with an out-front mower. This allows you to mow more quickly, more accurately, and more efficiently. Especially when mowing around obstacles or other landscaping features, you can see exactly what you are mowing. All of these factors allow you to get the mow perfect the first time.

Other Advantages of a Walker Mower

walker mower compactThere are also a few other advantages worth mentioning, although they may not apply to everyone. If you are a high volume landscaper that performs maintenance on your mowers, you will certainly appreciate the flip up deck. Changing the blades on a Walker mower can be done in a matter of minutes! Walker mowers are also extremely versatile. The front mount allows you to use other attachments such as a dozer blade, a bucket, and even various snow removal tools. You can even use different decks depending on what you are mowing. The option to use one piece of equipment across a range of applications is a great advantage of Walker mowers.

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