Many consumers are turning back to a local power equipment retailer over big box stores. Why is this? There are many reasons to shop at a local retailer, some of which you may not expect. Let’s look at our top six reasons.

Personalized Service

The Internet has revolutionized the way business is done and even the way people interact with each other, there is no doubt about that. However, establishing a relationship with a local business that knows you by name is a very rewarding experience. As a small, local power equipment retailer, we work for YOU and place a special importance on customer service. You’ll never need to worry about weeks of communications up the corporate chain if you have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Warranty & Equipment Service

As an authorized warranty center, we can take care of any warranty repairs on site. A big box store may require you to send your equipment out to be repaired, which could take weeks. Our technicians can repair equipment in house, ensuring you quickly get your equipment back in working order.

Exclusive Equipment

Many manufacturers ship exclusive equipment models to their independent dealers that you won’t find in big box stores. Usually, local retailers cater to more serious customers who demand more from their equipment. Often, these include features that will help extend the life of the equipment, upgraded parts, or features that make the equipment easier to use for extended periods of time. Many times, the price of these features are only slightly more than what you would pay for a standard model at a big box store!

Knowledgeable Staff

This isn’t a knock on employees of a big box store. However, with the variety of products, brands, and models, it’s impossible to be an expert on everything! Employees of an independent retailer usually have more experience in their particular industry. We have a deep knowledge of an individual brand’s products. Therefore, we can give you better recommendations on your specific needs. Our repair technicians are experts in power equipment, rather than knowing a little about everything.

Better Value

A local power equipment retailer treats your business as more than just a transaction. Instead, we look to establish a long-time relationship that offers more than just a piece of equipment for your money. We can help with new purchase advice, tips on the best tool for a specific job, seasonal maintenance to extend the life of your equipment, and repairs.

Product Availability

Have you ever needed something specific from a big box store that wasn’t in stock? Often, it is hard to get a straightforward answer. This isn’t typical at a local retailer. If you need an obscure part or something not in stock, chances are, we’ll be able to get it for you. Otherwise, we can direct you to somewhere that you can get it.

Your Local Power Equipment Retailer

Next time you have a choice of shopping in a big box store or a local power equipment retailer, do some comparison shopping. Get a good feel of the pros and cons of each. Indeed, the results may surprise you! Contact us at 732-302-1566 or stop by for all your power equipment needs.